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What if you woke up and the entire world had changed over night?

Time has no meaning, because it could change at anytime. You might find yourself in an inter-galactic battle one day, then in the Wild West the next. Someone has managed to manipulate time and space by magical or scientific means, no one knows until it's too late. The setting will not remain the same, the time will inexplicably change. But this only happens when you sleep. No, not everytime you rest your head down and succomb to slumber, that would be too easy. It happens when you least expect it, when you begin to be comfortable. In other words, it could happen anytime you sleep

On occasion the people will change, your friends you had when you were asleep may not be your friends when you awake. The enemies you made just may be an ally the next time you see them. There is no black and white, only grey areas. You can't be sure of anything, because surprised and danger are around every turn.

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